Ellen Langford : Welcome the Light of Spring

Ellen Langford
Welcome the Light of Spring

Ellen created the landscape narrative of this series by letting the story flow from her brush. She captures the essence of home so well and her work illuminates a fictionalized version of our world. Through tumbling children and the warmth of spring she harkens back to youth and growth. Chickens spring forth. Grass stained knees come alive. Longer days, fresh buds, and dewey mornings welcome each moment of the vernal season in 'Welcome the Light of Spring."
Ellen's new collection release is TODAY, March 27th!
VIP members can use the code AWAKEN at 7 AM CDT,
to purchase her amazing work.
The collection will be available to the general public at 10 AM CDT.

* A few things to keep in mind when shopping a special release:

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Ali Stayer
"From my travels in France this summer"

Coming to both galleries on Monday, April 3rd is Ali Stayer's latest series, "From my travels in France this summer."  Inspired by her European travels during the summer of 2022, Ali brings us an all new experience of her journey through the French countryside. Check out this beauty-in-progress below. We can't wait to share the entire series with you!


Shelley Bolton
Spring Release

Coming to both galleries on Monday, April 10th is Shelley Bolton's latest creation. It's all under wraps for now, but be on the lookout for her always exciting abstract work. In the meantime, we're loving these two pieces.

Be Set Apart by Shelly Bolton

Stronghold by Shelley Bolton



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Monday, March 27 - Ellen Langford "Welcome the Light of Spring" Release

Monday, April 3 - Ali Stayer "From my travels in France this Summer"

Monday, April 10 - Shelley Bolton New Art Release

Thursday, April 20 - Art + Wine Dinner, featuring Shelley Bolton - Tupelo

Friday, April 21 - Shelley Bolton Art Demo and Meet + Greet - Tupelo

Thursday, April 27 - Artist Reception featuring Church Goin Mule and her special guest, Wilbur - Tupelo

Monday, May 7 - Church Goin Mule New Art Release

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