Caron Gallery invites artists to submit their portfolios for consideration. Prior to submitting your materials, we kindly request that you familiarize yourself with our gallery and requirements. Please note that we receive a large number of submissions each year and we appreciate your understanding if it takes some time to review your work. We kindly request that you do not call the gallery to follow up on your submission. If further information is needed, we will reach out to the artist directly. Due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to provide individualized critiques of each portfolio.

Please note:

  • To be considered for representation by our gallery, you must either be a Mississippi-born artist or have resided in Mississippi for at least two years.
  • We do not accept walk-in submissions.
  • We do not offer in-person appointments, studio visits, or exhibition visits unless we have reviewed and expressed interest in the artwork you have submitted.
  • For initial consideration, please do not submit physical artwork.
  • We ask that you submit recent work only

We have established strict review guidelines for your benefit, and not following them can significantly impede the review process. The following guidelines are in place to ensure that we can give your artwork the attention it deserves:

Submission Guidelines

Submit recent work accompanied by:

  • Title
  • Complete Media List (“Mixed Media” is too vague — please be specific!)
  • Dimensions
  • Retail Price
  • Year Created
  • List of gallery affiliations, including past and current

Additional guidelines:

  • A web site address is acceptable if all submission guidelines are met.
  • Please limit the total size of all e-mail attachments to under 5 MB.
  • Please convert all images to JPEG format.
  • Please submit no more than 10 images. We will ask for more if we need them.