Collection: Nicole Dikon

Collection: About Nicole Dikon

Nicole was born on Maui, Hawaii and was raised in Ecuador, Vermont and Florida. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Painting at the University of Central Florida, where she studied under Ke Francis as her painting and printmaking professor, who is also a co-founder of Hoopsnake Press in Tupelo, MS. After receiving her Master’s of Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking from Temple University in Philadelphia, she was invited to Hoopsnake Press to become an Associate Artist.  Nicole now lives and works between Honolulu, Tupelo and Philadelphia.

Her practice is one that investigates botanical research, permacultural techniques and herbalist histories. Nicole’s intention in each of her projects is to find parallels between the process of making with the  processes and functions within ecological systems. Printmaking has been a constant tool in this investigation, that has led her down paths such as woodblock printing, etching, lithography, book and zine making, poetry, and experimentations with the physicality of paper in two and three dimensional form.

The use of abstraction throughout the works has been a means of leading the viewer towards sensory memories with reference to landscape forms, textures and colors.  Most often experiences within the botanical world are that which can be hard to explain with words; abstraction helps to communicate this feeling.