Collection: Ellen Langford

Collection: About Ellen Langford

An artist native to Mississippi, I build images with oil or acrylic of the physical and psychological spaces and connections between church and tree, child and dog, blue and orange.

Whether commissioned, working from my heart in my studio, or painting on location, I am driven to communicate with layers of color and texture until each image becomes its own and I can move on. Several paintings at a time are always in progress, and I move back and forth as each piece develops at its own pace. I try to paint a playful, and often joyful, outlook on life. I have always painted and as it has become my primary work, it has become my way of storytelling.

After years away, studying and making art, it has been in returning to Mississippi that my work has found its rhythm and become highly narrative as I try to make sense of the race, class, religious, cultural, mixed up gumbo of this place. I’ve become a parent in this post-Katrina war time, and this is having a profound effect on my thoughts and my work.