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Kim Whitt

Free-Hanging Weaving IV

Free-Hanging Weaving IV

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  • Artwork 13 X 24 inches
  • Abstract weaving: cotton, silk sari, wool roving
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"I call these constructions 'Gatherings' because that is where the process begins. One of my favorite parts about making these hand weavings is gathering the materials I will use. Each piece of wood used is a memory of a walk on the beach, in the woods, on a path somewhere. Creating the web by the process of weaving is a story of connections and relationships, metaphorical and integrated. Rigid and flexible, straight and knotted, small and large, bright and dull, moving and still all woven and connected to make a statement of peace. These pieces speak to the dance of nature and when looked at closely, invite you in on the journey."  

- Kim Whitt

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