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Collection: About Saron Henderson

Artist Saron Mitchell Henderson is from Picayune, MS.

Saron began her love of clay in college while being taught by renown potter, Pablo Sierra of Oxford, Mississippi. Under his apprenticeship, Saron learned the slow and patient work of throwing on a kick wheel, hand building, and firing in a wood burning kiln.  Although she has now upgraded to both an electric wheel and kiln, the richness of this foundation has created a deep appreciation for the timelessness of the craft.  Saron is inspired by her southern roots and the natural world, drawing deeply from the nostalgia of her childhood. The meaning behind flowers and botanicals found in The South is a constant theme for Saron's work. She hopes to allow to recipient of her work to attach their own personal meaning to her pieces as she has done herself. Saron strives to create meaningful and heirloom work that can be both used and appreciated for years to come.