Collection: Michelle Allee

Collection: About Michelle Allee

Growing up in Tempe, Arizona, to an artist mother and a father who could “fix anything,” Michelle’s inquisitive nature and gift for transforming the discarded into objects of beauty was born. She left home at 18 to quench her curiosity about the cultures of the world and the geography that shapes them. Pursuing a career as a flight attendant, travel became her education.

Though marriage would ground her, her husband’s work kept their family moving. With each move, Michelle used the opportunity to master a new skill. These skills have culminated to create an artist with gifts in a variety of mediums. With each she brings her signature style: a little whimsy, a little depth, and a lot of heart.

Michelle and her husband have made Pass Christian, Mississippi home. Her kindness is effusive and demonstrated in the gifts and encouragement she bestows on her community. No place is Michelle’s ever-springing well of love more tangible than in her royalty series of paintings where everyone gets to don the crown in a grandiose display of their own majesty. Depth of individuality is expressed in Michelle’s use of layering and texture while the eyes in these figurative paintings articulate the multitude of experiences that shape identity.