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Collection: About Curated Gift Box

Celebrate the holidays with a curated gift box full of Mississippi art! Whether you are adding to your own collection or gifting Mississippi art this season, these assorted gift boxes are curated for you!

  • Valued at over $200, each gift box contains multiple pieces of high quality artwork. These small scale pieces make great gifts that can be easily placed in any home or office.
  • The beautiful contents of each box will vary as we only sell original art. There might be a small canvas painting paired with a coffee mug and earrings or even a necklace. Maybe you'll find an intaglio piece or a porcelain planter with a painting on paper, a sculpted pin, or raku house. The odds and combinations are endless and exciting!!

*FREE shipping! Limited Gift Boxes are available! All boxes purchased before Dec. 15 are guaranteed to ship before Christmas!