Collection: Cindy Parker Aune

Collection: About Cindy Parker Aune

I have been an artist all of my life, I just did not realize it until 2010. I knew I enjoyed coloring, drawing, painting, building and creating. Turns out, that is an artist.

My work is acrylic mixed media, usually large scale, as small does not exist in my mind. My imagination seems to create only colorful big and a bit abstracted with limited detail. Subjects are a combination of whimsy and reality, or as my friend described it, “whimsical with a dark underbelly”.  Often my work attempts to capture fleeting emotion, both hopeful and brooding; for I have learned there is beauty in difficult times. I invite the viewer to look beneath the surface of my work, seeking the underlying tones, textures, and shapes. I paint with unconventional tools, usually my fingers and paper towels, creating a loose, undulating work.

My path has been an expression of the necessities of life. I had two sons that required a lot of food, and car insurance, so I owned a wholesale business with the main focus being income. They grew up. Life events closed that business. I now focus on my creative spirit and freedom to create whatever I wish.