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January 30, 2018

Cocktail Time

Soothe the winter blues with a lively small plate dinner at The Caron Gallery catered by Park Heights Restaurant. The presentation of food is family style, appetizer portions with classic cocktail pairings!
Cost is $40 per person, call the gallery at 662-205-0351 to RSVP, or message us with your name, number, and number of people in your reservation. No deposit required – just pay the night of!



February 1, 2018

Art Demonstration featuring: Christie Farese, 3 – 7 PM

Every first Thursday of each month we’ll have a featured artist in the gallery showing us their artistic process! We’ll be serving wine and cheese.

Christie works in a variety of media including watercolor, oils, and ink washes. Always an avid art collector, she began the study of oil painting in 2008 with Mississippi artist Julie McCartney. Finding great joy in painting, she traveled to California to further her studies with artist Camille Przewodek. She continues to study closely with Mississippi artist Sammy Britt, and is currently enjoying workshops with Atlanta artist Nancy Franke.

Christie’s work has been featured in several art exhibitions, including shows at Mistletoe Marketplace, Twenty-Nine 06 Studios, Madison Station School of the Arts and New Stage Theater. In November 2012, she was the featured artist at “Cicada for Her” during the Oxford Arts Crawl.

A Mississippi native, Christie resides in the Madison area with her husband and two daughters. View her work here!

February 15, 2018


Haint No Way and Grasshopper Thoughts

February exhibit featuring the mixed media artworks of Robert Reedy.

Rob is originally from Tupelo, MS and now resides in Florida where he is a professor at the University of Central Florida. Rob says, “Growth as an artist is directly related to the acceptance of one’s self as an individual who dresses, talks, visualizes and creates differently from any other human.  In fact, we are unique functioning designs.  The more I embrace this the more freedom I exhibit as an artist. Understanding this, coupled with the history of art and a working knowledge of technical and visual language skills, enables me to create. 

These distinct aesthetic and sociological experiences create values and circumstances that shape my life and in turn impact my artwork. It is the pursuit of this individualism that is important to me. All artists are connected by history, visual elements, and principles of design. However, it is who we are and how we visually interpret the environment that creates our individual identities as artists. Growing up in rural Mississippi was challenging.  Traditions such as storytelling, family, and faith had a tremendous affect in shaping my work. These traditions and experiences shaped my values..  I see it as a refreshing force in a world that can sometimes be cold, static and impersonal.  My philosophy is an interesting balance between intellect and superstition, science and magic, New York and Mississippi…. a sort of “Doo Dah Dada”. Currently, I am involved with a more sculptural approach to the vessel and recently have returned to a mixed media form of painting and drawing.” View more of his work here!

Opening Reception, 5 to 7PM. Join us for an evening with the works of Rob Reedy! Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Show will hang until March 8th.




March 1, 2018

Art Demonstration featuring: Adam Trest, 3 – 7 PM

Every first Thursday of each month we’ll have a featured artist in the gallery showing us their artistic process! Wine and cheese will be served.

Adam Trest is the designer/creator of all the patterns at Adam Trest Home. A graduate of Mississippi State University with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting, Adam loves the creative process and loves the technical aspect of creating repeated patterns. Having grown up in the South, every pattern has a story or is tied to a deeply rooted memory about life below the Mason Dixon. View more of his work here!



April 5, 2018

Art Demonstration featuring: Barbara Eaton, 3 – 7 PM

Every first Thursday of each month we’ll have a featured artist in the gallery showing us their artistic process! Wine and cheese will be served.

Barbara Eaton works with clay and creates functional whistles that play up to 7 notes. She says, “The song “Whistle While You Work” takes on new meaning with my current passion, Musical Whistles. I form animals, birds, or “whatever tickles my fancy” into hollow whistles, and then add more holes, tweet the openings just “so” until they make up to eight sounds depending on the piece. Since I also play the piano, I find great joy in combining sound with form. Each piece is unique and original because all whistles are hand-built with firing clay.

No molds are used and all textures are hand formed or pressed with found objects. Each piece is carefully glazed and fired again. I call them my “babies” waiting to find their home. I received my BA in Art Education and MA in Art Education from the University of MS. I am also National Board Certified and taught art in public schools throughout Northeast MS for 30.5 years. I have had my work displayed at the Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis, TN, University of MS Gallery in Oxford, MS, several festivals and shows throughout MS and TX, including the Gumtree, and at the Bi-State Art Competition in Meridian, MS where I won a Purchase Award with the oil painting, “The Woodcarver”. I currently have work represented at The ATHunn Gallery in Savannah, Georgia and the Caron Gallery in downtown Tupelo.”

View more of her work here!

April 12, 2018

Memories From the Heart

April dual exhibit featuring the work of Darlene Scott and Charles Guess.

Our April exhibit is a combined show of two painters who use their own style and technique to recreate the world around them. Although their styles are a big contrast, they both interpret the places and people they see each day onto the canvas.

As an abstract painter, Darlene uses a fine balance of color and form to allow the viewer to establish their own ideas of what she has created. They can allow the flow of the imagery to spark a wide range of stories from their own minds. As an impressionistic painter, Charles applies soft and soothing colors to define landscapes that we can place ourselves. Whether it’s a setting amongst the trees or viewing a field across the lake, we can imagine an experience inside it.

Our staff looks forward to displaying the pieces created for this event and seeing how they interact with each other in the
gallery exhibit space.View more of Darlene’s work
here! View more of Charles’s work here!

Opening Reception, 5 to 7PM; artist talk at 6PM. Join us for an evening with these two talented artists! Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Show will hang until TBA. Let us know you’ll be joining us by RSVPing on our Facebook event page!


April 20, 2018

Wine Downtown
Progressive wine tasting around Downtown Tupelo

The Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association (DTMSA), Trustmark Bank and Downtown Wine and Spirits are proud to present the 2018 Wine Downtown. The progressive wine tasting will be held Friday, April 20 in over ten downtown retail shops and studios, including the Caron Gallery. Each stop will offer a different wine and food pairing. Following the tasting, attendees are invited to an After Party at the Gumtree Museum of Art. This year will include a shopping tournament with a huge prize for the most spent during the event!

A limited amount of tickets will be available to purchase Monday, April 3. Tickets will be $30 and sold online via Eventbrite or at the DTMSA office located at 108 South Broadway Street in Downtown Tupelo.

For more information, contact the DTMSA office: 662-841-6598.

April 26, 2018

Art and Wine Dinner with Park Heights

Small plate dinner served family style with 5 different wine pairings catered by Park Heights with artist Charles Guess to speak. 6-8PM + $40 per person, call the gallery at 662-205-0351 to RSVP. Each table seats 8, so grab some friends and enjoy a fun night of art and wine!




May 12th – 13th, 2018

Gumtree Festival, Downtown Tupelo

The Gumtree Festival is Mississippi’s premier arts festival. Each spring, artists from all over the Southeast descend on Downtown Tupelo for a weekend of music, performance, food, crafts, and visual arts. Whether you’re an aspiring artist seeking inspiration, a family looking for weekend fun or a collector searching for the next great piece, Gumtree Festival has something to offer you.

Gumtree Festival features some of the regions most decorated artists from more traditional paintings and ceramics to innovative mixed media and pop art. Visitors get up close and personal access to artists and their creations during the two day celebration of Southern arts and culture in Tupelo’s beautiful downtown. The Gumtree Festival hours are: Saturday 9:00-5:30 and Sunday 10:30-5:00! We hope to see you there! Find more information here!

May 12, 2018

Art Demonstration featuring: Catron Wallace, 9am-2pm

As you enjoy Gumtree Festival, stop by the gallery and see Catron Wallace’s artistic process. Refreshments will be served.

Catron Wallace is self-taught with more than twenty years of experience. Her first artistic explorations as a child were with charcoal and pencil, and when she discovered the expansive possibilities of color as an adult, she began her painting career in earnest. Her abstract paintings beg to be named “cityscape,” “landscape,” “waterscape” but they also evoke something beyond the substantial world that we hear, touch, see, taste and smell. Catron uses color, line and composition to explore emotional and conceptual components of an inner world. Each painting is a declaration from that inner world. Her works express what words cannot articulate.

Catron’s hope is that her paintings prompt the viewer to sense and explore their own emotional and conceptual territories, especially the unchartered realms. Of her art, Catron says, “ Creating art is like breathing, necessary for life. Abstraction gives me the freedom to translate my emotions into visual symphonies. My goal is to soak in the world around me and put it to canvas in way that is beautiful and thought provoking. The natural world and its beauty routinely influence my work. I consistently challenge myself to try new styles and mediums. Acrylic paint is my foundation but sand, coffee grinds and mud are no stranger to my studio. For my brushes I use my hands and anything they can hold. My hope is that people connect with my work on an emotional level and leave feeling encouraged to explore their own emotions and way of viewing the world in a more creative manner.”

View more of her work here!



June 9, 2018

Art Demonstration featuring: Rachel Misenar, 10AM –  2PM

Art has always been Rachel Misenar’s first true love. This was a love and appreciation that was fostered in her heart early on by her father, Charlie Busler. He used to teach her about the great painters of our era such as Walter Anderson, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe and Robert Motherwell. Their excursions to New Orleans and Magazine Street opened even more avenues for her perception of art. Art became an image of soul, nature and self. She has shown professionally at Lucas Road Gallery in Meridian (past 4 years) and at Circa in Jackson for the past year.
Her recent accomplishments include being selected for the MS Bi-State Art Exhibit (2007 and 2009) and having a show at Lucas Road Gallery in November 2007, 2008 and October 2011 (Father/Daughter show). She was selected by Portico Magazine as one of the Top 10 Emerging Artists of Jackson. And she was also featured in a group show at the Meridian Museum of Art in October of 2009. Rachel has also been selected to donate work for events such as Art for Heart (featured artist), Route 66 Art Auction, Meridian Symphony Fundraiser, Bright Lights Belhaven Nights (mural designer) and Hearts Against AIDS. Rachel was the featured artist at this year’s Belhaven event. Rachel lives with her husband and children in the Belhaven area of Jackson, MS. They are members of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in downtown. When she is not taking care of the kids or being creative, Rachel enjoys spending time with friends/family, running, hiking, traveling and gardening.

June 6-10, 2018

Tupelo 2018 Elvis Festival

Tupelo Elvis Festival is a celebration designed to honor Elvis Presley, Tupelo’s native son, and the impact his music continues to have on the world. The 20th Annual Tupelo Elvis Festival will be June 6-10, 2018.

Each year’s festival features national, regional and local artists, as well as a Tribute Artist Contest that serves as a preliminary round of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis, Tennessee. In addition to all of the great music, the festival also features a pet parade, a 5k run, living history on Main Street, a number of local food vendors, and much more!

Find more details and purchase tickets here!



July 12, 2018

Art and Cocktails Dinner with Park Heights featuring: Maria Hughes, 6 – 8 PM

Join us at our upcoming event, Colorful South, for an evening with great food + cocktails catered by Park Heights Restaurant with guest speaker Maria Hughes!

Small plate dinner served family style with 5 different cocktail pairings from 6-8PM, $45 per person, call the gallery at 662-205-0351 to RSVP. 

Each table seats 8, so grab some friends and enjoy a fun night of art and drinks!

Maria Tucci-Hughes will speak on her artistic process and how the colors of the south inspire her work!

July 14, 2018

Art Demonstration featuring: Maria Hughes, 10AM – 2PM

Join us on Saturday the 14th from 10AM to 2PM and see Maria Hughes demo in the gallery!

Maria Hughes, born in 1978 as the only daughter of Michael and Judy Tucci, now lives in Baldwyn, MS with her husband Hayden, son Ames, and daughter Townes.  She graduated from Baldwyn High School then went on to earn an Associate’s Degree in Art from Northeast Community College.  She attended USM, and finished her Bachelor’s of Art Education at Mississippi University for Women.   With her degree, Maria joined Mississippi’s public school system as an art teacher.  She currently teaches in the Booneville School District at R.H. Long Middle School and loves what she does!  Watching her students grow in their discoveries and accomplishments in art has had a profound effect on her, and the excitement she has in her personal art.

Maria says, “My mother, Judy Tucci, is an accomplished artist and growing up with an artist mother, I feel I have always searched for a way of personal expression”.  I could never match my mother’s interpretation of her Southern experience, so I have, with honesty, tried to develop my Southern experience. This in the end leaves me walking in the other direction from her, but down the same old-field road.  Along with the people that surround me every day, my visual environment plays a major role in my artwork.  This state I live in holds everyday mystery and magic.  The yellow ochre wash of late afternoons, the early morning, misty fog, and the ‘all day humidity’ are reoccurring themes that show up in my artwork.

View more of her work here!



August 11, 2018

Art Demonstration featuring: Cindy Aune, 10AM – 2PM

Join us on Saturday, August 11th for an art demonstration featuring Cindy Aune!

Cindy Aune is an Oxford artist. She says, “I owned a successful wholesale business for twenty-five years. Life events forced me to close my company. I began to paint canvases, rather badly, but filling my days with art was exactly what I needed. My wholesale location turned into my studio. In 2010, I participated in a Robert Burridge workshop, changing my style. I started applying paint with my fingers in a fast, loose manner, not concentrating on details or worrying about the end result; but allowing the painting to develop in its own way.

I now work with thin layers of acrylic pigments on randomly textured and painted canvases allowing the under paintings to show through in unexpected areas. It is an uncontrolled and experimental technique. Most of my days are spent alone in my studio in a cedar grove with four dogs and loud music. It’s not a bad way of life. Painting is the most frustrating and at the same time most exhilarating work I have ever done. A good day produces work that I still cannot believe my hands created; a bad day produces under paintings, of which I have many.

Many of my paintings express the emotions I keep hidden. Sometimes the images are simply something nice to look at, but many times they are where I place my feelings, both good and bad. For a few years now I have been painting expressive faces and figurative pieces. They are not always easy to live with; however, they are the pieces I think will remain interesting to view. Often the viewer does not understand the work, but they are drawn to it. There have been several incidences where a piece has been purchased and years later they contact me saying that they now understand why they needed that painting. In my heart, I think in some ways it is God helping us. I know that painting is a gift that God has given me to enjoy. I do enjoy it. My hope is that someone else may also enjoy my work.”

View more of her work here!



September 2018

Anniversary Celebration: details TBA!

September 13, 2018

Downtown Tupelo’s Ale Trail

Details TBA!



October 11, 2018

Opening Reception for Rick Anderson

Details TBA!

October 12, 2018

Downtown Tupelo’s Chili Fest

Details TBA!

October 25, 2018

Art and Wine Dinner featuring Rick Anderson, 6PM – 8PM

Details TBA!

October 27, 2018

Art Demonstration featuring Rick Anderson, 10AM – 2PM

Join us on Saturday, October 27th from 10AM to 2PM for an art demonstration featuring Rick Anderson!
Rick Anderson is a nationally acclaimed artist whose career has spanned more than 40 years. A native of Clarksdale in the Mississippi Delta, he nurtured a passion for art from an early age. In imitation of his older brother, he could be found drawing most everywhere he went. He fondly remembers his Mom once telling him not to draw during church. When he was about seven years old, he and his parents met with a nationally known artist who lived nearby, hoping to receive encouragement for his talent. To their disappointment, this man looked at several drawings and informed Rick that he had no artistic ability and should never consider art as a career. Rick refused to allow his dreams of becoming a well-known, successful artist to be dampened, and persisted in his pursuit of excellence in art. In an interesting end to this tale, years later this same artist judged an art show at the university that Rick was attending, and awarded Rick first place on one of his paintings. Rick began preparing for his career at a state junior college and then continued his education at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS, where he earned an undergraduate art degree and a Master of Arts Education degree.
He began his twenty-five year teaching career in 1970, while simultaneously working as a professional artist. Over the course of his career in the Mississippi public educational system, Rick has taught art at every level from elementary school through university classes. Rick was also an adjunct art instructor at Mississippi College. Rick received his first art award at the GumTree Festival in Tupelo, MS in 1975. Since then, he has received over 150 awards in local, regional, and national art competitions. Today his work can be found in both private and corporate collections. In recent years, Rick’s artistic talent has found a new outlet in the illustration of children’s books. The first of nine books was published in 2003 by Sleeping Bear Press. He is currently working on his tenth children’s book which he is both writing and illustrating. Rick’s motivation to create his art is self-induced, and his passion to paint is endless. Instilling a love of art in Mississippi’s school children continues to be a passion for Rick. He visits multiple schools not only in Mississippi, but throughout the US connecting children with art. Rick plans to continue to paint and exhibit his work wherever the opportunities arise, whether it be art galleries, indoor and outdoor art festivals, or in private showings at his home. He recently opened an art show in a gallery in his home town, and has several art festivals lined up for this coming Spring.
View more of his work here!



November 18, 2018

Art Demo with Ellen Langford during Downtown Tupelo’s Christmas Open House

Join us during Downtown Tupelo’s Christmas Open House on Sunday, November 18th for an art demo with Ellen Langford from 12PM to 4PM!

Ellen says, “An artist native to Mississippi, I build images with oil or acrylic of the physical and psychological spaces and connections between church and tree, child and dog, blue and orange.

Whether commissioned, working from my heart in my studio, or painting on location, I am driven to communicate with layers of color and texture until each image becomes its own and I can move on. Several paintings at a time are always in progress, and I move back and forth as each piece develops at its own pace. I try to paint a playful, and often joyful, outlook on life. I have always painted and as it has become my primary work, it has become my way of storytelling.

After years away, studying and making art, it has been in returning to Mississippi that my work has found its rhythm and become highly narrative as I try to make sense of the race, class, religious, cultural, mixed up gumbo of this place. I’ve become a parent in this post-Katrina war time, and this is having a profound effect on my thoughts and my work.”

View more of her work here!



December 15, 2018

Art Demonstration featuring: Judy Tucci, 10AM – 2PM

Join us on Saturday, December 15th from 10AM-2PM for an art demo featuring Judy Tucci!
She says, ““Having lived in Baldwyn all my life, I have found many opportunities of inspiration for my art. I received an Associate of Arts degree from Northeast Mississippi Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Mississippi. I received a Purchase Award after entering the Grand National Watercolor Exhibition and in 1994 was awarded Signature Status as a member of the Mississippi Watercolor Society, I became an art instructor at Northeast Mississippi Community College in 1982 and enjoyed my tenure there for 26 years.
During my time at Northeast the Art Department invited Alan Flattman, a well known pastel artist from New Orleans, to conduct a workshop. It was from this workshop I discovered my love for the medium of pastel. I soon joined the Degas Pastel Society and enjoyed competing on a national and international level. I received the Award of Exceptional Merit and an Honorable Mention Award in the Degas Show in New Orleans in 2007. The world of art has many directions and many mediums in which to work. It is an endless source of inspiration and creativity. Upon retirement, I began painting with some local artists and was invited to become a member of the Mississippi Painters Society These artists travel and paint Southern scenes en plein air. The society also promotes art in the Northeast Mississippi area. Painting is something I truly love. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment.”
View more of her work here!


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