HGTV's Home Town Season 8 Episode 1 - Left Hand Man

Every new season of Home Town is so exciting. Prior to their release on HGTV, Erin Napier and her team come and shop for Mississippi art to add to their renovation reveals. Each one is extensively mulled over. They work with us to create a story that will fit each family's unique personality. 
And Anew, Each Day by Ellen Langford and French Cottage by Ali Stayer
The Verrette family decided to move South from Canada to enjoy our milder winters and warmer summers. They fell in love with Laurel on Home Town and decided they would give us a shot. The Verrettes chose the Roberson House in Laurel and Erin and Ben made it their dream Southern home. This episode was full of hijinks from Ben and his "left hand man," Jim. We enjoyed laughing along with this funny crew.
French Cottage by Ali Stayer
On this episode, Erin had a surprise guest join her - none other than our very own Kim Whitt, a treasured Mississippi artist who resides in the pine belt near Laurel. Erin, Mallorie, Lucy, and Kim explored the Verrette's yard and foraged for objects to create some stunning wind chimes, which you can see below.
One of our favorite spots in the house is the dining room. The natural light beams in and makes Darlene Scott's "Gathering Clouds" come alive.

Gathering Clouds by Darlene Scott
Another cozy spot we loved was this corner table that is perfect for Carol Roark's work. The shady afternoon light highlights Carol's signature shadow work.
Kudzu Covering (available for purchase) by Carol Roark
We can't wait for next week's episode when we meet Mike Terrell from Seattle. Follow along all season for peeks inside each house of our great Mississippi art.
All photos courtesy of Brook Davis-Jefcoat
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