Dreamscapes : Kim Whitt

Kim's new oil collection was born out of a desire to explore color beyond what is seen and find hidden sources of joy and inspiration all around us. The dreamlike scenes are captivating in every way.

A Higher View

Each piece in this collection digs deep into the imagination of the viewer. The bold color and unique perspective is a product of Kim's daily inspiration of the natural wild.

A Cool Spot on a Hot Day

Kim battles with her intellect and intuition every time she picks up a paint brush. The battle is hard fought, but Kim's enduring patience and creativity wins out. 

Lily Trest, Sarah Jackson, and Kim Whitt

Kim live painted at our Caron Gallery South Holiday Open House this past weekend. She shared her techniques, tools, and gave insight into her methods. Although she mentioned never live painting in front of crowd before Kim painted several small, beautiful pieces.

Kim mixing cold wax and pigments

The collection is comprised of 12 oil pieces on canvas. Kim spent the summer moving from studies to full compositions. Each one shines on its own and leads the viewer down a path to experimental wildness.

Dancing with Cobalt Trees

Blue trees, purple bushes, orange fields all adorn Kim's work. The fantastical nature is what makes the collection cohesive. Each thoughtful piece is comforting and exciting. 


Kim Whitt painting using a silicone brush

The CGS crew and each guest was fascinated by Kim's silicone brushes and cold wax technique. She said the painting medium not only gives her a unique look, but a fluidity that she finds helpful in her creations.

Friends and Family

We are grateful to have Kim's work in our galleries and we know that these pieces will find equally grateful homes.


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