Virtual Consultations

Have you heard about our virtual consultations? You can now share your space with us digitally, and we'll work together to craft the perfect version of your home, office, or rental. What's even better is that we can deliver within a 6-hour drive.
These images are from a recent project Kim completed. She received photos of a vacation home our clients had purchased, and they told her what they wanted to focus on first. She found the floor plan on the developers' website to help them turn their new house into a home and interviewed them about their desired look and feel.
After creating a plan and gathering some backup pieces, Kim drove to their home with a van full of artwork.
They worked together as Kim showed them her vision, making a few adjustments along the way. They were thrilled with the result, saying the home finally felt warm and welcoming, unlike a stale model home.
We can't wait to take on your project! Reach out for more information.
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