The Landscapes Around Me : Maria Hughes

Today, Monday, January 22nd, 2024!
A brand new collection from Maria was released. 

Oktibbeha County, Mississippi

Maria says living in her little pocket of Mississippi is a true blessing. The trees and fields around her are bursting with intricate designs and vivid colors, and she find herself constantly in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds her.

Field Openings, Lee County, MS

Maria says, "As someone who loves to paint, spending time in these special places is always inspiring. Having grown up on family land and spent countless hours exploring these landscapes, I find that I'm often filled with a sense of nostalgia whenever I return to them."

Milk Barn Field, Lee County, MS

Maria finds that setting a goal and having a deadline is quite inspiring for her. She has always loved a good challenge. Recently, she went back to some of the landscapes she had painted before and revisiting them was quite enjoyable. "Being thankful for the beauty around me is personal inspiration for painting," she said.

A Peaceful Pasture — Lee County, MS

Maria thinks painting landscapes during the winter can be a bit challenging, as you are limited to a particular color palette. However, she is grateful for the reference photos she takes, as it helps her find new setups to paint. Whenever she finishes one painting, she already has the next one in mind, which keeps her motivated and always looking forward to the next project.

The Single Tree 

Her goal for this collection was connection. She said, "Maybe there is someone out there who can relate to these landscapes? Maybe someone can imagine themselves with their granddaddy out there on a tractor? It could be just the memory of hiking off down a field road to see what adventures you might come across." Maria hopes "The Landscapes Around Me" will connect the viewers to someone.

Near Barnett's Bridge Road — Lee county, Mississippi


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