Summer Collection : Sadako Lewis

Summer Collection : Sadako Lewis

Sadako Lewis has created a beautiful summer collection just for Caron Gallery and Caron Gallery South. With just a couple large acrylic pieces and a few watercolor pieces she has created a look into her world.

Sadako's abstract expressionism is fun, free, and full of life.

This series of mixed media abstract pieces invites viewers in from all angles. She masterfully combines cool tones with warm to create layer upon layer. 

Sadako's subtle ink washes compliment the acrylic strokes in the most impactful way. Her nearly monochrome pieces come alive with the golds and blues.

Sadako is also our My Mississippi Art Box artist for the quarter. She created 30 individual pieces that come together to create a unique marriage. 

"As an abstract expressionist, I am comfortable working on a larger scale. At first, I struggled to create something as small as 8" x 8" for not only one but 30 of them. So I got an idea to put a few sets of several canvases together thinking as though I was painting on a 24" x 32" canvas. First strike with a large brush over the surface was all I needed to start. It took off after that. I went back to treat each individual small canvas to complete. It was fun after all!"

We hope these pieces will find their way on to your walls and into your spaces. 

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