Summer Bounty : Morgan Fyfe

We received a box in the mail last week to our great surprise. It was packed full of Morgan Fyfe's newest collection aptly titled: Summer Bounty. Branches laden with fruit, warm toned peaches, and delectable watermelon jump off of each canvas. 
Morgan said, " the inspiration for this collection stemmed from the vibrancy of summer and all of the simple joys the sunshine brings. From farmers markets filled with fresh produce, to branches packed with fruit, to blackberries growing sporadically through neighborhoods- the goodness packed into this season feels endless."
Morgan draws her inspiration from the every day ordinary. " The sun shining through trees in a forest, layers of flowers and vegetables through a garden, and lighting through windows casting various shadows through the day catch my attention and fill my inspiration album on my phone." She dashes back to her studio to capture it all with her paint brush.
Morgan hopes this collection will "capture the delight of summer through color and composition to bring a bright place to beautiful homes."
Don't miss out on the beauty of these summer moments frozen in time.
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