Shelley Bolton : A Spring Collection

Shelley Bolton
A Spring Collection

Shelley has done it again. She has created a brilliantly unique collection to celebrate Spring. Shelley's hexagonal pieces are the star of the show. The movement and excitement of each one is stunning. There are only 12 so don't miss out today! The deckled edge paper pieces are just as intriguing. Shelley never fails to show human connection through abstraction.

Shelley's new series release is TODAY, April  10th!
VIP members can use the code BLOOMING at 7 AM CDT,
to purchase her amazing work.
The collection will be available to the general public at 10 AM CDT.

* A few things to keep in mind when shopping a special release:

The artwork automatically goes live on our website at 7AM, CDT (Tupelo/Central Daylight Time). If you are on the website early, be sure to refresh the page right at 7AM CDT. Once you click on a product that is part of the release, it will ask you to type in the password. The password will always be typed in all caps. Once you open one of the password-protected pieces in the release, it will open all of the items included in the release so you won't have to copy/paste a password for each piece to view the entire series. We post all of the images that are a part of the latest release at the top of each artist's page for quick, easy shopping. Please let us know if you have any troubles. We are happy to help!


Join us Thursday, April 20th for an Art + Wine dinner featuring Shelley Bolton. Park Heights will be serving dinner and wine to celebrate Shelley's new release. Call the gallery or reply to this email to reserve your spot.

Stop by the gallery again on Friday, April 21st to meet Shelley and watch her demo her unique painting techniques.


To Frame or Not to Frame?

This question comes up all the time. "Should I frame this gallery wrapped canvas or not?" 

Many of our artists, who paint on canvases will continue their painting on the edges of their piece. This gives the canvas a finished look. It's ready to be hung right away, but sometimes a beautiful piece isn't complete until it is framed. 

Below you can see a gorgeous Ellen Langford black and white. The canvas is finished on all sides and looks great.

After it was purchased the buyer chose to frame it. The frame took the piece up a level and completed the look. Check it out below.

Ultimately, it's up to you!

The look you want to achieve is absolutely a personal preference, but we believe in the power of framing. 

Reach out today for all your framing needs!


Watch us on HGTV's Home Town!

Every week Caron Gallery artists will be featured in the newly refurbished homes! Check out the Home Town Art section on our website and choose a great piece for your home.



Monday, April 10 - Shelley Bolton A Spring Collection Release

Thursday, April 20 - Art + Wine Dinner, featuring Shelley Bolton - Tupelo

Friday, April 21 - Shelley Bolton Art Demo and Meet + Greet - Tupelo

Thursday, April 27 - Artist Reception featuring Church Goin Mule and her special guest, Wilbur - Tupelo

Monday, May 7 - Church Goin Mule New Art Release

Monday, May 8 - Shelby Toole Spring Release

Monday, May 22 - Adam Trest TreeTop Symphony Release

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