Shelby Toole : Drink Well

Shelby Toole

Drink Well

Shelby's newest collection is a wonderful expression of her attention to detail. She had this to say about it:
"Through ease of function and tasteful design (saying things without saying them), the Drink Well Collection comes from a deep desire to offer purposeful vessels to the world that encourage living in abundance."

Shelby's release is today, May 15th. Her collection will be available at 7 AM CST for VIP members using the code BOTTOMSUP and 8 AM CST for the general public. 

* A few things to keep in mind when shopping a special release:

The artwork automatically goes live on our website at 7AM, CDT (Tupelo/Central Daylight Time). If you are on the website early, be sure to refresh the page right at 7AM CDT. Once you click on a product that is part of the release, it will ask you to type in the password. The password will always be typed in all caps. Once you open one of the password-protected pieces in the release, it will open all of the items included in the release so you won't have to copy/paste a password for each piece to view the entire series. We post all of the images that are a part of the latest release at the top of each artist's page for quick, easy shopping. Please let us know if you have any troubles. We are happy to help!




This weekend during the South’s biggest art party, Gumtree Art and Wine Festival, the phenomenal Lisa Thames joined us in the gallery for a wonderful demo of her process. 

Click the photo below to watch Reagan chat with Lisa about her process below!


An Evening with Micah Green

Thursday night, under the grimmest conditions possible, we packed the gallery with fans, friends, and family of Micah's. They endured an hours-long torrential downpour to celebrate the release of Micah's first collection with the Caron Gallery. 

We sipped wine, laughed, and listened to Micah speak about his passion and drive for photography. We at Caron Gallery South are thrilled and honored to represent another great Laurelite.



Monday, May 15 - Shelby Toole Spring Release and Art Box Shipping

Thursday, May 18 - Artist Reception featuring Adam Trest - In Laurel 5 - 7 PM

Friday, May 19 - Cindy Aune Artist Demo 10 AM - 2 PM

Monday, May 22 - Adam Trest Songbird Symphony Release

Monday, May 29 - Cindy Aune Summer Release

Saturday, May 27 - Monday, May 29 - Tupelo Closed

Tuesday, May 30 - Tupelo Reopens

Friday, June 9 - Ricardo Moody Artist Demo 10 AM - 2 PM + Elvis Festival


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