Shades of Femininity : Mitchell Walters

Mitchell's latest Caron Gallery collection was inspired by the female form and vibrant colors of spring and summer florals. She paired each figure with a stunning antique frame from Italy, adding charm and character to each piece.


Mitchell is constantly inspired by fashion design and textiles as well as nature and her faith. Her passion for the extraordinary is evident in each creation. The watercolor meets the gold leaf in incredible ways. Each figure dons a unique name that gives the ladies a new personality.

These pieces range in size from tiny to medium. The vintage frames really make the pieces shine.

Mitchell loves that the creation of each collection bears a little struggle. She said, "I like to paint a piece and step back to view it and critique myself. It’s always fun to dive right back in! I think the struggle is part of the beauty of creating art."

Mitchell hopes this collection of colorful female silhouettes (on gorgeous antique plaques and frames) brings joy to collectors! She hopes they evoke emotion and beauty, and that they become cherished pieces for many years to come.

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