Santa and Friends : Lee Gibson

Santa and Friends : Lee Gibson

Who's ready for the holiday season? The Caron Gallery is! These pieces are incredible. Lee's latest collection is magical, whimsical and fun! Each smirk makes us smile. Add one of these to your Christmas decor and watch them shine with laughter and joy.

Lee plans a few holiday pieces every single year and she has outdone herself for 2023. This collection is incredible. Each one of Santa's friends was born from her imagination. The creativity is brilliant. The color in each piece is so unique and their faces are sweet and somehow kind.

We can't forget about our lone angel though. Barachiel, the archangel of blessings, jumps off the canvas in a demure and yet inviting way.

The crew in the galleries decided to name each Santa using 12 different languages. This fellow, Ded Moroz (Russia), is a crowd favorite. Can't you imagine him brightening your home starting the day after Thanksgiving (or even before for some)?

Lee says she's so fortunate to paint for a living and is grateful she can call it her job. The joy that emanates from each Friend here is evident in each stroke of Lee's palette knife.

Visit each one of Santa and his friends in both galleries.

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