Recent Visit to Artist Studios

I forgot how much I enjoyed visiting artists in their studios. Last week I was lucky enough to visit West Point and stop by Lee Gibson’s and Pat Gavin’s studios. Lee Gibson has been with the gallery for several years and although I had seen photos of her studio, I have never been in it. Her studio sits behind her bungalow home in the heart of West Point, but it is surprising large and welcoming.

Immediately after walking in, the smell of oil paint fills the space, which shouldn’t be surprising. Her paintings consist of thick oil paint as she recreates with a pallet knife the animals and images of Mississippi. She is a prolific artist, which is necessary since she is one of Caron Gallery’s most popular artists. I picked up a new painting of a bulldog and a commission for a customer, a large Rooster. I’ve already had someone wanting to buy the rooster before I could deliver and hang in the customer’s home.

Pat Gavin is a potter and brand is new to Caron Gallery. He creates traditional functional pottery, as well as Raku. He specializes in prayer/meditation houses, which are great gift ideas for those special people in our lives. He has been creating pottery for many years and has work in several galleries in Mississippi. I can’t wait for the community to see his works. The glazes Pat uses are traditional but with a modern flare, allowing customers to find a wide selection of choices from the potters at Caron Gallery.

I can’t wait until next week as I head to another artist’s studio to pick up more work for the fall season. This is the fun side of my job, bookkeeping not so much.

- Kim Caron

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