Maquette Series I : Jason Kimes

We are thrilled to welcome Jason Kimes to the Caron Gallery! His stunning sculptures are now on display, and we hope they will soon find a place in your home as well. What sets Jason apart from many other sculptors is his dedication to hand sculpting and pouring each piece himself. This level of craftsmanship is truly rare in today's world, and we are proud to showcase it here at the Caron Gallery.

Jason Kimes is a Mississippi native that gets lost in the magic of sculpture. He spends hours sculpting, modeling, and hand-pouring each painstaking piece. For this collection he is featuring studies and models of larger pieces. Maquette translates to model in French. 

Inverted Left Hand, Sentinel (Standing Figure Model), and At Rest 

We gathered for a toast to Jason's collection last Thursday and had an amazing turnout. Jason's friends, family, and collectors came out in droves. His talent as an artist is celebrated across the globe with collectors all over the US, Canada, and further.

Jason's creative strengths are beautifully showcased in this small scale collection of twelve numbered editions. Each piece is a reflection of self-portraiture and portraiture, providing an introspective look into the artist's vision.

Anticipation Model

We had a fantastic turnout for the event, with many Laurelites and Mississippians in attendance. It was a joyous evening filled with laughter and love, and we were thrilled to have some of our talented artists there to appreciate Jason's impressive work.

We're so glad we were able to host not only Jason's friends and collectors but his family as well. 

 You won't want to pass up the chance to bring some of Jason's remarkable pieces into your own home. They are truly beautiful and will make a lovely addition to any space.

The Right Hand



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