Magnolia Mino : Michael Ashley


Magnolia Mino: Michael Ashley

Michael brings us an incredible ceramic collection inspired by his adventures in travel throughout his artistic career.

From Tupelo to Japan he has encountered many magical moments. This collection is a celebration of his journey as a maker.

Michael Ashley has been with Caron Gallery for about eight years. During his time with us he has tremendously evolved as an artist. He attributes this collection to his time spent across the globe. He has spent valuable time in Japan, Taiwan, Mississippi, and the Ozark Mountains.

Each piece has a little bit of his lived experience in it.
"The white glaze and the iron brushwork come from my love of historical Momoyama period tea ware with Mino style glaze from Japan. The landscapes and brush work comes from the Ozark mountains and rivers where I live and explore currently. And the bright beautiful moments of color (Magnolia Blooms and Blossoms) come from my time and life living in Mississippi enjoying the beautiful magnolia trees and crape myrtles that seem to bloom all spring and summer."

Michael took on a new challenge with these pieces. The individual blossoms on each cup, vase, or plate were painstakingly designed and hand cut. "I did lots and lots of testing to make these glazes and the glaze printed flowers to melt together and keep color and structure. This is new and cutting edge technology and I am learning and educating myself as I go," he said.


The final pieces are evidence of his craftsmanship. The intricacy in the details is akin to enlightening fine print. Whether it's for daily use or to brighten a dim corner we know Magnolia Mino will be perfect. 

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