Looking Back : 13 Years of The Caron Gallery

It has not been without trials, but the last thirteen years have been a beautiful journey of art and community.
Kim Caron with the Smalls Show Collection
Kim Caron started Caron Gallery in late summer of 2010. Her children were secondary school age and going back to work was essential for her identity. She studied marketing and business in college, but was always drawn to the art world. With encouragement from her beloved, late father Reggie Rose, she broadened her horizons by picking up a camera. She wanted to see the world from a different perspective. It was that same encouragement from her father and her own tenacity that lead to Caron Gallery.
Kim had a strong desire to bring art to all the people. Not just art though, Mississippi fine art. Her passion for finding the greatest talent in Mississippi sparked a still-burning fire. 
Over the years, The Caron Gallery has seen it all, but Kim has weathered the storm with grace, elegance, and of course, an amazing team. Cindy, Kim B., Amy, and Reagan work alongside Kim to create a warm and inviting space. They work in tandem to cater to the needs of art lovers all over the country.
Reagan Gilreath, Amy Blackmon, Kim Caron, Kim Burleson, Cindy Martin
Kim has also been inspired by her fellow Tupelonians. Barbara Fleishhacker's hard work running The Main Attraction for many decades, Buddy McCarty's tireless efforts as an architect, and even her husband, Richard's, enterprising spirit with Tupelo Smiles were and continue to be sources of motivation. 
But The Caron Gallery would not be where it is without our amazing artists. Our roster is up to FIFTY incredibly talented folks from all over our great state. 
Ali Stayer, Kim Caron, Ricardo Moody
Leigh Francis and her daughter 
 A few of our artists came to the reception, and they lit up the gallery with smiles and great conversation. 
This collection of smalls captures a moment in time along our journey and Kim couldn't be more excited to share this moment with everyone.
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