"Life is Beautiful," by Mary Buckley


 Life is a gift that is sent. My only job is to discover the message I am to carry and share it with the rest of the world. Simple, right?!

We are all creating a work of art with our lives.  We experience, experiment and dig deep to find our meaning…..the purpose that drives us.   What have I been given to display on my canvas?

When searching for our purpose, there’s a lot to be learned from an artist’ process.  Let me share a little bit of my process and see if you can apply it to your own life and to becoming your best self.

What is seen on the artist’s canvas reflects their message.  It’s like a post-it note to the world meant to remind us of something often missed in this world.

It is their voice and is as individual as the artist himself. 

“The world is joyful!”
“The world is imaginative!”
“The world is energetic!”
“The world is colorful!”………….

For me, I feel a cry from the world for beauty. There is plenty of pain and ugliness around us, so, I try as best I can to give the viewer a taste of the beauty that still exists. 


There is something about painting that helps me step into God’s creative joy.  I find I do my best when I approach the blank canvas as expectant as a child opening a present. I start at point A but rarely end up at point B. I am often surprised by what the image has decided to be.  Such is the joy of Life!

Every artist discovers their own process. The approach that works for me might not work for others. I am often jealous of those who use order, process, and detail in a beautiful way to express their message. I so admire that kind of work. But, after all these years I have found my own pace and I know that for me, it is “fast and furious” all the way.  In the big picture, the question is, “Am I being true to myself?”

Advancing in years, I often say with a smile, “The reason I have so many wrinkles is because I am more relaxed in my own skin!”

In this internet age, there is a wealth of influence and information from other artists. This is so helpful when you want to school yourself, but can hinder you from finding your own voice.  My mother, who was an art teacher, always said, “When it comes to art, learn the rules so that you can break the rules.”  We learn so much from others who are more skilled, more experienced. But there comes a time to break out and become your own teacher.

So, for all of us who are creating our own image on the canvas of life, produce your best self, not a copy of someone else’s best self.

What is the theme that runs through your life when you are at your best? Peace…joy….cheerfulness….help….? 

That’s your voice.  That’s the you we need! Your true self knows what you may not have discovered yet. Relax and go with it. 

Be curious, be brave, be truthful and…. use lots of paint!


- Mary Buckley

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