Into a Clearing : Lisa Moynihan

Into a Clearing : Lisa Moynihan

Lisa's latest collection is inspired by the beauty around her. Nature that surrounds here breathes life into each of her paintings. She has captured our great home state in the best way. These four pieces tell a story of Mississippi.


Lisa said, "being too close to a line of trees can turn them into a wall of leaves and dark shadows. By stepping back, I can see the horizon line. I can see the sunlight filtering through the branches and search for a composition."


The way Lisa captures shadows is incredible. You can picture yourself standing in her line of sight. She says that she's constantly inspired by "nothing more or less than the beauty of nature around me." Her deft hand with oil paint and a brush is wonderful. Her scenes of South Mississippi and the surrounding areas are softened realism.


Lisa feels her best when she is painting. Capturing these moments in paint helps her shine. Whether water or land, Lisa Moynihan's paintings are stunning. Don't miss out on hanging one in your home today. 

Lisa Moynihan


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