Hummingbird Meets Legacy : Emma Carr

We are so thrilled to welcome Emma Carr to the Caron Gallery family. She's our newest artist and we love everything about her. Her kind disposition is matched only by her sweet and captivating art.

Emma Carr is a versatile artist from Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated from Mississippi State University with a major in Fine Art and a concentration in graphic design. 

Emma grew up in a very artistic family and has been creating ever since she was young. Her art journey began at 14, selling paintings on her mom’s social media. As she has grown older, she uses social media to sell her own art pieces all over the United States.

She contributes much of her success with her art to her grandmother, who is a professional artist. She has memories as early as two years old, painting with her. She believes her patience, consistency, and talent were the launchpad into her own art career. 

The Path Ahead

Emma has been painting hummingbirds for a long time. They are among her most popular subject matters. "These new paintings combine concepts from my most popular collections, the Legacy and Hummingbird collections. I used elements from each collection to paint a series of new paintings specifically for Caron Gallery," she said about her first collection with us.

Gloom's Blooms

"My grandmother is the common thread between the hummingbirds and the landscapes. Her love for Hummingbirds and the endless landscapes she painted throughout her career inspired these collections. For this combined series, I was inspired by the colors in one of the first landscapes I painted and found myself using the theme throughout."

Fluttering Pair

Emma was inspired by the idea of the this collection hanging together in our galleries before they found their forever homes. She found solace in the idea that they might "go together." She said, "I kept thinking about the people who would see and enjoy the display and then those who would take one home."

Grandma's Backyard

Emma loves to experiment with new techniques when creating her work. For this collection she tried oil paint sticks for the first time. She encountered a bit of challenge with an extended drying time, but found that she loved the effect of the sticks in each piece.

Synchronized Skies

"My goal with this collection was to create oncoming beauty as a whole series, with each painting able to stand alone. I had so much fun with this! I wanted anyone walking through the gallery to enjoy looking at them."

Fields of White

On her marriage of the Hummingbird and Legacy collection: "The Hummingbird Collection started as a single painting of two hummingbirds and has evolved into much more. The Legacy Collection is in honor of my grandmother, who is also an artist, and I contribute my success to her. With her permission, I began to search the internet for her paintings and found so many landscapes that have landed in various places over decades. She primarily used watercolors, so I put my creative spin on them. You can visit my Instagram page to see some of her original paintings posted alongside my rendition. It truly is a collection that is so special and, in a way, will never end…"

Welcome to the Caron Gallery, Emma, we're so delighted to have you!

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