HGTV’s Home Town, Season 2, Episode 10

Season 2 of HGTV‘s Home Town final episode aired last night, and we are so grateful to have been a part of this show and what the team at Laurel Mercantile is accomplishing for small Mississippi towns! We had several artists that were featured during each episode – their artwork was used to stage each of the lovely homes that were remodelled. There’s nothing like fine art to elevate the atmosphere of your own space! Why not surround yourself with pieces that inspire you?

Fall Warmth” by Susan Wellington

“Melody” by Amy Giust 

“Abundance” by Lauren Dunn 

“Tupelo Cotton” by Marc Hanson 

“Wildlife Series” by Adam Trest

Watercolor series” by Ginger Williams-Cook

“Boundaries” by Eileen Sharp 


Photos used with permission from Laurel Merchantile.

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