Curb Appeal : Ann Dinwiddie Madden

Released today Monday, May 20th: Curb Appeal by Ann Dinwiddie Madden. Inspired by photos that she takes on short road trips and long walks, mainly in Mississippi. Ann's creativity with mixed media runs wild throughout this collection. Each unique piece is colorful and unafraid. 

Hahn/Cock El Camino
Ann loves a road trip. Ann loves nostalgia. She allows each piece to form in her imagination on each journey she takes. "There is no shortage of material for adventure here. I love creating new narratives in collages made from my photos, vintage images and other papers."

You're Welcome
Each bold work is a combination of collected items. Ann specializes in photography, but her collection: Curb Appeal is a conglomeration of mixed media masterpieces.

Your Dream
Ann is always inspired by "big, bold color, loud music and making a huge mess. I love rediscovering the familiar and looking at it all through a new lens."

Donut Palace
One would never guess that Ann ever struggles to create with her free flowing creations, but she said, "Each piece has its challenges but it’s never really over until it’s over, which happens at the last minute, every single time. So, I guess my biggest challenge is the ticking clock."

Our Lady of the Swamp: Mary of Saint Rose
Ann created a collection that "shows something familiar in a new setting." These infinitely creative pieces remind the viewer of something they have seen before presented in a new and exciting format.

"I’m really happy to be sharing my work with you. I just finished an intense workshop and feel a new direction coming from the discoveries I just made. I’m so grateful for this opportunity!"

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