Caron Gallery Laurel's Second Anniversary

Two years ago, we opened our doors to the great city of Laurel, MS. Our little cottage on Short 7th Avenue gave us a warm welcome to this Home Town.
We added artists to our roster, held amazing events, and cherished good times within those walls. From demos to receptions, Caron Gallery South knew how to celebrate Mississippi art from the start.
When it became apparent that we needed more space, we jumped on the opportunity to move to Downtown Laurel. Sandwiched between amazing neighbors, we found the perfect spot to call home.
Each year, to celebrate, we ask our artists to contribute a creation that is about 6" x 6" small. We love getting the pieces in and seeing what their amazing minds come up with. Some of them love the challenge of painting small, and some paint or pot or weave small all the time. We never know what we're going to get, and that's the best part. Check out a few below.
Simply This by Ellen Langford
Field Notes VI by Ricardo Moody
Blue Jug with a Pink Flower by Sadako
As we reflect on the last couple of years, one thing stands out the most: we have been supported by so many wonderful people. We know that Mississippi artists are special, and we cannot express how grateful we are that you have chosen to place their art in your spaces.
We hope to celebrate dozens of anniversaries in Downtown Laurel and are excited to see what the future holds.
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