Caron Gallery Gift Guide 2017

The perfect gift guide for your holiday needs! We have gifts at every price point and gift wrap free of charge. Call us at 662-205-0351 to purchase!
  1. "Raku Boat" by Pat Gavin
  2. "Bangles" by Cathy Talbot 
  3. "Mixed Media Abstract" by Rick Anderson
  4. "Yellow Hayfield" by Maria Hughes
  5. "Footed Wine Glasses" by Michael Ashley
  6. "Nature Vessel" by Helene Fielder
  7. "Egyptian Pig Whistle" by Barbara Eaton
  8. "Glass Bird by" Elizabeth Robinson
  9. "Little Debbie" by Ali Stayer
  10. "Best Friends" by Michelle Allee
  11. "Fox Print" by Adam Trest
  12. "Out on a Limb" by Susan Wellington
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