"Balancing Life as a Mother and an Artist," by Peyton Hutchinson

 Through covid, I was surprised at how much it pushed me as an artist!  Somehow I became a better painter, and an art teacher through the pandemic!  Being a mom of 3, I had to find some activities to do with my kids since we were home so much and I thought it would be fun to do some painting classes!  But before we started the classes, I was working on a commissioned painting.  It was a Friday night and we were all home like everyone else.  I don’t know what got into me, but I asked my 9 year old son Sam, to come in my studio and film me while I painted LIVE on Instagram.  The funniest thing was first, he was willing to do it, and secondly how good he was at it!  As soon as we went live, we had about 50 people watching me paint, and Sam was commentating for me!  And he was really good at it!  I guess he might be a broadcaster one day because the next thing I knew, he was talking to my audience, and asking me good questions about my painting.  I was so proud of him!  All of the sudden the Live painting sort of became, “What would Sam say next, and not about my painting!

After the live painting, it was time to start the painting classes with my kids.  We had this crazy idea, wouldn’t it be fun to include others in our painting classes Live on Instagram!  And turns out, my kids weren’t afraid of the camera or talking to others online.  I’m still not sure if that’s good or bad!  But I think as long as we introduce social media to our kids in a good way, it can be used for good!  And during the pandemic, it was one way me and my kids to be social and connect with our friends whom we hadn’t seen in a long time!  We did 4 live painting classes on instagram.  Since then I have had several families send me pictures of the paintings we created, framed and hanging in their homes!  And I’m proud and honored we created those together!  That saying “we are all in this together…really made it a reality for me through those Live painting classes!”  Who knew!!!

Those classes also helped me have more courage to start sharing more on instagram whether it's live, or on my stories.  Which inevitably pushed me to paint more!  I’ve always loved painting landscapes and since I have been home painting so much I hope my craft is getting better and better.  After all, that’s the goal right?  To glorify God in all we do, and to do it to the best of our ability!



– Peyton Hutchinson 



Peyton is our selected artist for the My Mississippi Art Box for the third quarter.  Each box, 10″x10″x5″ or smaller, contains an original piece of art from our of our talented Mississippi artists! Each box is shipped free and will start shipping the first week of October. The featured artist is already working on the pieces for shipment, but we are keeping it a secret until the first box is packed and shipped off!

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