Art + Wine Dinner with Elizabeth Robinson

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Caron Gallery for our Art + Wine Dinner with Elizabeth Robinson!  

Kiln-formed glass, each piece is one-of-a-kind and part of the first artist series of “GarnishXO: Kinfolk”, a new line from SpiritHouseGlass. Elizabeth says “I set out to bring a simple elegance to tableware inviting a touch of nostalgia. An invitation to share a meal. The name GarnishXO means ‘garnish with love’. I want you to gather the family, friends and food and let our artwork provide the garnish.”

“A sign in my studio says, ‘please fondle the glass!’ I love watching the excitement in the eyes of a guest as they pick up a glass piece and move it across the light, watching the color change then lower it into their hands to rub the smooth surface, embracing the charms inherent in glass as a material.” Fascinated with the chemistry of glass, Elizabeth Robinson has developed a special annealing process that allows her to create depth and a sense of movement within the layers of glass. This process preserves the thick reflective core of each piece, exposed by thinner elements of washed color, frit-based texture, and inclusions like Gold Leaf.

She says, “If the artist allows glass it’s own language, this will produce a palette for expression unlike any other material”. Robinson’s newest one-of-a-kind sculpture works demonstrate the most cutting edge technologies in glass. Combining knowledge of time-honored glass processes like water jet cutting, glass printing, and casting, she builds on 30 years of experience to develop a new vocabulary for her glass work. Since 1980, glass has held a strong presence in Elizabeth Robinson’s life. Her studies have led her to Pilchuck Glass School, Penland School of Crafts, and The Studio of the Corning Museum Of Glass. Even with all these opportunities to study with amazing artists from around the world, she feels that glass remains the best instructor, and she is forever its student.

Thank you Elizabeth Robinson for sharing your talents with us!!

- Kim Caron


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