Art Demo with Lauren Dunn


Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Caron Gallery for our Art Demo with Lauren Dunn!  

Lauren says, “As an artist my passion is putting onto canvas my life experiences as a girl living in the deep South and all the simple beauty that abounds here. I’m a Mississippi delta girl and although I now reside in Franklin, Tennessee with my husband and 2 boys I still feel the presence of that heritage. It’s a heritage full of soul and colorful layers and a culture that’s as rich as the fertile delta soil. Now, as an artist living on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, I feel such a connection to this area and this land. It’s hills and valleys are in stark contrast to the flat delta land but it’s essence and people are so very similar.

A palette knife is my tool of choice and I use it to create layers upon layers of different colored paints. I don’t usually have a color scheme in mind at the beginning of the process…it’s a rather organic experience that just evolves as each color is applied. I may apply several coats in order to achieve the desired outcome of a loose representation of my subject matter.

My paintings have an aged, “chippy” look to them representative of generations past. In the South, our buildings have such character and depth and they allude to past, vibrant lives. I paint churches and old buildings and landscapes and animals and flowers and barns, but they all have one central theme…the Southern soul. I am so very thankful for the gift of art in my life. It’s a gift I never take for granted for through it I am able to capture and share my view of the world…and it is my view that God created all things beautiful…we need just be still and take notice!

Thank you Lauren Dunn for sharing your talents with us!!

- Kim Caron


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