A Walk in the Woods : Adam Trest

Adam has spent the better part of this toasty Southern summer meticulously planning and executing this collection. He revised and reworked each piece till his companions on canvas felt complete.

A Walk in the Woods

The narrative running through this collection is inspired by looking at the world from a 1,000-foot view and again under a magnifying glass. The map-like majesty of the largest piece is intentional. The whole forest is in sight. The viewer enters Adam's world by zooming in on these rabbits, foxes, and herons. Outside his studio window, a fickle squirrel bounces from branch to branch. His waving tail catches Adam's eye every day.

Crimson Dance

Adam says, "Living through the perspective of my girls" is a daily inspiration. "The way they see the world reminds me of the way I once saw it too... and challenges me to continue to see it that way."

With sincerity and vulnerability he said since June he has toiled over this "A Walk in the Park." About this he said, "This collection has been all about revision. Lots of these pieces have been reworked a few times, cleaning up compositions and rethinking colors." 


Just like his storied work Adam is always reinventing himself as an artist. "I challenged myself to think about how patterns can be incorporated into these works and how decorative surfaces can be used through the under and over paintings." Pushing the boundaries of exploration is his passion. Finding new ways to illustrate and animate life amongst the Mississippi flora and fauna is a game he has mastered.

Wisdom in the Shadows

In "A Walk in the Woods," eight pieces come together to tell a dreamlike story that is comforting and familiar to every Mississippian.



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