Windows: Ricardo Moody

Today, Monday, March 4th, 2024!
A brand new collection from Ricardo Moody will be released. This collection brings to life a bevy of Ricardo's daydreams.

Inspired by making a cohesive set of images that were balanced by color, Ricardo set out to bring his imagination to life. Bold color meets enchanting landscapes in Windows. Ricardo never fails to pique the imagination of the viewer.

"My paintings are always about my daydreams. But they are also about the need to be in nature, to travel, and good times. The need to connect with objects and place. I’m inspired by color and how it can have emotional power," he said. One can only hope for the good times had in these pieces.

Ricardo said, "I am so used to achieving a photo realistic effect in my paintings. However, for this collection I wanted to free myself from the constraints of the photo. After using a photo for reference, I eventually let myself paint from memory and allowed myself to paint freely. The challenges and goal was to have a conversation with the painting."

"I named the collection “Windows” because all of the images are either looking out of an interior window or looking through a window of trees." At The Caron Gallery in Laurel we simply could not get over the natural framing created in each piece.

"I hope the viewer will find interest in familiar experience and have an emotional connection through the colors," he said. 

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