HGTV's Home Town Season 8 Episode 5 - From Show Goats to Show Stopper

The Throwers moved from Hattiesburg, MS to Laurel to open not one but two businesses. They own Two a Tea & Company, a women's clothing boutique, and a hair salon in the storied Odd Fellows building. They asked Ben and Erin to take their massive loft on the second story of the building and turn it into a high glamour living space.

Ann Seale

Wow, did Erin and Ben deliver! The former Odd Fellows meeting space became an incredible big city high glam loft! The finishes are impeccable and each new wall is an incredibly logical addition. One of their biggest challenges was finding art that was big enough though. Ann Seale was the perfect choice for their dining room.

Shelley Bolton and Micah Green

This Shelley Bolton is a show stopper itself as you enter the kitchen. Her Laurel roots and exciting colors were the perfect addition to this mostly white loft. Micah's photo is also a great moment in this little reading nook.

Each Mississippi art moment in the Throwers new loft is fun and elegant. 

We cannot wait to see next week's episode. Give us a call or reach out via email if you have any questions about any of the featured art.
All photos courtesy of Brooke Davis-Jefcoat


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