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Ellen Langford

Dance We Do

Dance We Do

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  • Artwork 7 x 5 inches
  • Framed  8.25 x 6.25 inches
  • Acrylic on panel
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“Ready to Dance Again” Paintings of Dancers.
We dance to communicate romance, joy, community-building, prayer, even story-telling. Dancing is universal. The rhythmic movement of our bodies is as natural as breathing.  Whether alone, with a partner, or in an ecstatic group, dancing brings joy beyond what we can convey with mere words. My earliest dancing memories are weddings and balls - holding my father’s hands; my patent-leather toes on his. By my elementary years, jumping on my bed while the Beatles sing “Yellow Submarine” from my plastic suitcase turntable. At high school dances, bouncing off the walls and jumping as high as we were able to the B-52s, Billy Idol, the Clash. In college, dancing in great groups of friends at school dances and finding hole-in-the-wall bars where we could dance all night. In my twenties in San Francisco, we’d go out dancing any night of the week. There were even places one could dance in the mornings on weekends! And so many afternoons at street fairs and festivals! Dancing any chance we could was my son’s favorite thing until he was maybe 5 or 6. Wow do I miss that. These days my spouse and I dance while making dinner, in the car or a store if a favorite song comes on. Now that we are, we hope, emerging from this time of pandemic, these paintings of dancers come from a place of being ready to move with the world again. To dance again. To communicate romance, joy, community-building, prayer, even story-telling!

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