“Pixilated #6” by Kat Fitzpatrick

24″x24″ inches, encaustic wax on birch wood panel. 

From Kat’s “Pixilated” series. She says, “Pixilated: eccentric, daft, whimsical, led astray by pixies. Encaustic is a medium that has been around for 2,000 years. It is remarkably durable owing to the inclusion of damar crystal resin to the beeswax. Colors may be brilliant or transluscent depending on the pigment used and the amount added to the medium. Each layer of melted wax is fused with a torch so that all the layers become one. The surface may be built up, carved back, imprinted, collaged, gold leafed…and more. There is a soulful and timeless quality to encaustic work. The feel of the surface is a delight to touch. Encaustic is simultaneously ancient and modern.”


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