Pansy Plate


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“Pansy Plate” by Elizabeth Robinson

Functional glassware from Spirithouse Glass in Jackson, MS from the latest line “GarnishXO:Kinfolk”; 7″x7″ inches. Each plate varies slightly.

Kiln-formed glass, your piece is one-of-a-kind and part of the first artist series of GarnishXO: Kinfolk – a new line from SpiritHouseGlass.  “I set out to bring a simple elegance to tableware inviting a touch of nostalgia.  An invitation to share a meal. The name GarnishXO means ‘garnish with love’. I want you to gather the family, friends and food and let our artwork provide the garnish,” says Elizabeth Robinson, Artist/Owner.

We are excited to have Caron Gallery represent this new line. As we create each piece, it is with the wish that it will bring joy to your table.

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