“Joy” by Shelby Kizer

  • 36 x 48  inches
  • acrylic and mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
  • For additional information/images, please contact the gallery or 662-205-0351

“Proverbs 31” series is dedicated to my sweet baby girl due this October. Throughout my pregnancy I have prayed for her to be healthy, grow up to be kind, smart, and love the Lord along with other little things that I know are the prayers of many moms. About a month ago, I began to wonder—What does God want for my little girl? What are the things He values most in a woman? After diving into Proverbs 31:10–31, my prayers changed because God lays out exactly who a Godly woman is. 

Since then, I have been praying these eleven specific attributes for her:
-kind and generous
-faith in the Lord
-love the Lord with all her heart
-care for her physical and mental health
-inner beauty that only comes from the Lord
-work hard for the Lord
-mothering spirit
-first be a bride of Christ and one day a bride to her husband
-full of Joy from the Lord
-confidence from the Lord

Each painting in this series is named after one of those attributes. I hope that wherever these paintings end up, they will serve as reminders to pray for and lead our daughters to grow up to be Godly women and celebrate the Godly women in our lives.