Hanging Garden Notecard


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“Hanging Garden Notecard” by Ke Francis

Image size is 4.5 x 7 inches color woodcut with fold outs of text containing an excerpt from Ke Francis’s narrative “Hanging Garden”.

Ke says, “Egypt is Northeast of Midnight and South of Finger, nearly parallel with Alligator and less than a hundred clicks from Panther Burn as the crow flies. The Hanging Garden is a space that drifts above this outlined territory. Time and Mass and Space are really intertwined and related there in a way that is only alluded to in the relationships of the names of the cities below it. It is a dimensional interface, the space between the moving piston of time and the tubular cylindrical sleeve at the very heart of mass. It is possible to look out at the panoramic view from there and see the curving levee of the Mississippi River and all the way across the flatland of Arkansas to the rising tower of Babylon and then turn around and get a fleeting glimpse of the water covering the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains as it retreats to the Gulf of Mexico. This is the place where the double helix of your DNA learned to twist.”

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