Haint No Way


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“Haint No Way” by Rob Reedy

48 x 72 inches, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. From Reedy’s most recent “Crazy Quilts” series. Reedy says, “As a young artist I became interested in quilt making. I fell in love with the traditions of certain patterns and the collaborative nature of the quilting process. One pattern/ process that interested me most was the tradition of crazy quilts. These beautiful random designs were wonderfully free and almost irreverent to the more traditional patterns in quilt making.

Like the Fauvists it was this freedom that intrigued me the most…almost a license to create compositions in any manner that pleased me without fear of criticism. I have brought this “attitude” to these large acrylic paintings. They are filled with lifelong memories and events arranged in a controlled unpredictability. They are a visual diary of things dreamed and remembered. But most of all they are a thrill of joy.”

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