Exodus V


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“Exodus V” by Rob Reedy

Framed to 6.5″x8.5″ inches, acrylic and mixed media.

From Reedy’s most recent “Exodus/Migration” series. Reedy says, “For the past two years I have watched a 500-acre parcel of land next to my horse farm decimated in the name of progress and a new housing development called Hawk’s Crest. This parcel was once a home for over 15,000 live oak trees and untouched natural wetlands.  It was home to a variety of beautiful wildlife and indigenous plants. Most notably were the birds. Due to the total destruction of the trees and plants these birds have appeared to migrate towards our farm. 

Over the last years we have seen a notable increase in the number and types of birds on our property.  Everyday we see magnificent hawks, eagles, wild turkeys and other types of birds. It has been a thing of beauty to observe but for all the wrong reasons. This migration has been so overwhelming I decided to document this process through a series of mixed media bird paintings.  My birds are not based on illustrative accuracy like Audubon rather they are an expression of movement, emotion and color.”

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