A Dance Series II – A La Fosse’


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Dance Series II – “A LaFosse'” by Ellen Langford

  • Image size is 30 x 40 inches
  • Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
  • Unframed
  • For additional information, please contact the gallery info@thecarongallery.com

Dance Series II is a continuation of  Ellen Langford’s “Ready to Dance Again” Paintings of Dancers.
We dance to communicate romance, joy, community-building, prayer, even story-telling.  
Dancing is universal.  The rhythmic movement of our bodies is as natural as breathing.  Whether alone, with a partner, or in an ecstatic group, dancing brings joy beyond what we can convey with mere words.
These paintings of dancers come from a place of being ready to move with the world again.  To dance again.  To communicate romance, joy, community-building, prayer, even story-telling!

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