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Taken Aback : Adrienne Brown-David

Help us in giving a warm welcome to our brand new Mississippi artist, Adrienne Brown-David. We could not be more thrilled to have her join the Caron Gallery family. Adrienne's collection, Taken Aback By My Own Beauty, is small but mighty.
Adrienne Brown-David is a freelance artist living in a small, rural town in northern Mississippi. Though she is originally from St. Louis, Adrienne has lived in both Chicago (where she briefly attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago) and the Virgin Islands before settling in the south. Adrienne is a wife and mother of four daughters and the experience of motherhood greatly influences her work.

Taken Aback #5
Each piece is grounded by brilliant color with striking portraits of her children. "This body of work seeks to explore the development of black identity and how we present ourselves to the world. The work asks a series of questions," she said.

Taken Aback #25
"What do I want others to see?
How do I want to carry myself through society? What does it mean to be a woman? A man?
Both? Neither? A child? An adult? Where is the line between those things?
What does freedom
of expression look like? And what does our expression look like when we are not free?
How can we break out of societal constraints? What happens if we don’t? What happens if we defy conventionality?
How does our blackness shade all of these things?"

Taken Aback #12
The answers to these
questions come when we are allowed to sit quietly in our own blackness/our own identity.
When our existence is not one of educating, or shouting, or explaining, not one of seeking acceptance from others, we are able to sit quietly in the beauty of our humanity.
Resting in the freedom to BE without question or explanation.

Taken Aback #30
"All of my work is inspired by the continuous growth and evolution of children and my experience in mothering them through it. How my children move through the world as free, black, feminine presenting humans and what that looks like for them. I’m inspired by the quiet beauty that comes from their existence."

Adrienne Brown-David
Adrienne skillfully uses a combination of color and light to bring out a glowing effect in each of her portraits. The emotions of the subjects are beautifully depicted through their expressions, making her artwork even more captivating.
We hope you will love Adrienne's work as much as we do. We cannot wait to see it in your homes.
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