Tableaux Vivant : Kimberly Zukley

Welcome to Caron Gallery our newest Mississippi artist: Kimberly Zukley!

Kimberly is a fine artist based in Mobile, Alabama. She creates works filled with strong tones of nostalgia through character, narrative, mood, and setting. It is where she uses her creativity and humor to twist plot lines and spark conversation. Kimberly studied painting and sculpture at The University of Mississippi.

Her first collection with us is stunning. We are thrilled to share each piece with you.

Flowers for Mom
Kimberly Zukley's style is incredibly unique and inviting. She uses acrylic paint, pencil, oil pastel and ink to create each piece. These mixed media pieces created by Kimberly were inspired by the places she'd like to be. 

Pamplemousse and Moon Pie Magic
Each one pops off the canvas with color and life lived to the fullest. Kimberly was inspired by "the everyday mundane objects that represent our rhythm, rituals, and collectiveness," she said.

Cake with Me
"There’s a celebratory motif about the symbols within each composition. Each painting is a seat at a very familiar table," Kimberly said. We would love to sit at these tables and hear the laughter and shed the tears required for such moments.

Nanny Doesn't Like Champagne
"I used to encounter more problems, but I am thinking less with this particular body of work and the result shows me daily that you have to trust the heart. How often the head gets in the way of things. The more I let go of my paintings, the more beautiful they tend to become."

Lean into the Light
Each piece was created to nurture Kimberly's soul. How lucky are we that we see the fruits of her labor and can enjoy it in our homes.

Neon Honeymoon

"A very wise artist once told me, “You have to learn to draw with paint.” What a gift that was."

Nightstand Things
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