Southern Living : Ali Stayer

Inspired by Ali's life in the deep South, this collection gives fresh perspective to mundane days. Her sweeping landscapes are stunning and her figurative vignettes are so sweet. 
"Growing up and living in the South, I have always loved Southern & coastal landscape," said Ali. The rich colors in her landscapes in this collection are dynamic and even lean towards moody at times.

Going Hunting
Each sweet scene rings a nostalgic bell. The man and the dog above are the ever constant companions in our memories.
A Stroll
Ali said, "I am always inspired daily by the colors. I see around me in the sky in the landscape at the beach in the water." The peachy sand and the simmering sky evokes a feeling most southerners are familiar with: summer afternoon showers at the beach make for excellent days.

Drama Queen
This charming piece takes the viewer to the warm sun on shoulders and knees and the perfection of reading by the waves.
Ali dug deep to name this collection. She wavered over the title a lot: "My biggest challenge with this release was giving it a title because there is such a variety in the works. I started off, thinking it would be a series on companionship, as you will see many of the pieces have friends, both furry and not. But I was also so drawn to simple landscapes," she said.

Pillow Clouds
"My goal in this collection is to celebrate Southern living where we live and who we live with!"
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