Shine on You Crazy Diamond: Meditations on Light : Rachel Misenar

A brand new collection from Rachel Misenar will be released Monday, February 26th. This "collection reminds the viewer to look up and take notice of the sky above...the expansive colors and shapes...illuminating such a beautiful world," said Rachel.
Spirit in the Sky
Rachel has spent the last several months honing her skills and producing some of her, and our, favorite work to date. Each piece is an eye-opening experience. The playful details beg the viewer to ask questions, zoom in, and simply stare.
There's a Star Man Waiting in the Sky
Rachel said, "This collection was inspired by my morning meditation work in my studio. The light dances at dawn in a way that is so special and healing." Rachel is so in tune with her surroundings and its evident in each painting. Her abstract scenes are more than just vibrant, they are invigorating.
Flowers in the Rain
Her brilliant collection was brought to life using robust acrylics this time, which is a divergence for Rachel as she is primarily a mixed media artist. Her gentleness and kindness is evident in each piece. The viewer can also see Rachel's love of music through each title. "I am always listening to my vinyls while painting. This particular collection was heavily inspired by Janis Joplin and The Doors. Groovy, man," she said.
Shine On!
" My biggest challenge is always time. Although I have creativity flowing like a river, my greatest gift is being a mom. kids always come first. And that means my art gets put on the back burner from time to time. Thankfully, I have a supportive family who gives me the space to create. And I use that love when I paint," Rachel said about encountering conundrums throughout her creative process.
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
" My collection is ME on a canvas. I see the world a bit different. But I own it. And thankfully, I have been blessed with a way to share it," she said.
I'll Follow the Sun
As a reminder from Rachel don't forget: " To slow down. To listen. To notice. To feel the sun on your cheeks. I want to encourage the viewer to also realize that they too have a bright light. Shine On. Shine On."
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