Mississippi Lost and Found : Adam Trest

A storied collection from Adam Trest will be released to the public for the first time today, Monday, February 19th, 2024. Each piece wanders through Mississippi on a journey in search of our rich history.
Delta Basin
Adam created five of these pieces for the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience Museum located in Meridian, MS. These pieces were originally designed to highlight each region's unique flora, fauna, and landscapes. They were showcased in various exhibitions throughout Mississippi, including a month-long display at Mississippi State University and William Carey University.
Mississippi landscape of the north central hills featuring a green alligator, cypress trees, a great grey heron, and white and blue hydrangeas ydra
North Central Hills
Adam's style is distinct and unique. Each layered brush stroke creates a seamless world in which your imagination can run wild. The whimsy that Adam brings to each piece is comforting and beautiful."The regions of Mississippi are full of inspiration for making the mundane beautiful, and celebrating the things we take for granted in our great state, some of these pieces were inspired by the hope that spring was right around the corner," said Adam.
Mississippi landscape of the Pontotoc Ridge with a grey, striped tail racoon, a bright red cardinal, blue bats, and green hills with rocks.
Pontotoc Ridge
"In my Mississippi pieces I learned that I didn’t know enough about our state to fully grasp the project that I was taking on. I overcame that by reaching out to my good friend Sabrina Cummings, a teaching biologist, who helped me narrow down the imagery for each piece. Throughout the whole collection, I learned how important collaboration is, and how to ask for help," Adam said about encountering challenges along his journey with this collection.
Garden of Plenty
"The newer pieces from this release were a response to me being ready for plants to start peeking out of the ground and for the days to start getting longer and a little warmer," he said.
First Leaf
"This collection’s goal for me is to celebrate the beauty that’s all around us. The beauty that we take for granted. From the vistas of our state, to the flowerbeds of our backyards, there is so much around us that we can get lost in. I hope that this collection gets to become a visual reminder of that."
Late Summer Flight
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